HBO on Carnivale: Survey Says …

Looking for viewer feedback on Carnivale but denying that the results will seal the show’s fate, Home Box Office is sending out a survey to some subscribers asking what they liked -- and disliked -- about the series, which had a good-vs.-evil story line set during the Depression.

The survey, available online, asks subscribers to rate the show -- which aired its finale Nov. 30 -- on a scale of one to five, from poor to excellent. Survey takers are also asked what they liked and disliked about Carnivale,which followed a carnival troupe during its supernatural trek in Dust Bowl America in the 1930s.

HBO has said it doesn’t know if it will bring back Carnivale --which was criticized for leaving a lot of looseends in its finale this year -- for a second season.

As part of the questionnaire, subscribers were asked to rate the major characters on the series, from saintly protagonist Ben Hawkins to Satanic villain Brother Justin, on how "he/she adds or detracts from your enjoyment of the show."

Subscribers were also asked if they would watch a second season of Carnivale and how it compared with dramatic series on the broadcast networks.

An HBO spokeswoman Friday denied that the survey’s results will be a deciding factor in whether or not Carnivale has a second season. The survey itself says the results will be used for "market-research purposes only."

HBO normally sends surveys to consumers to gauge their reaction to some programming, such as series or movies, the spokeswoman added.