Harris Surveys IPTV Awareness

Despite small-scale IPTV rollouts, 56% of U.S. adults have heard of IPTV, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive Inc.

The survey of 1,039 adults found “a great deal of interest” in IPTV features such as video-on-demand, broader programming content, HDTV viewing, digital-video-recording capability, interactive guides and cheaper TV bills.

Some 26% of respondents were interested in adopting IPTV on their TVs, and 19% said the same thing for their PCs.

Harris found that 17% would cancel their cable or satellite service to sign up for IPTV service

When asked what provider they would feel most comfortable with delivering IPTV service, 33% said a cable company; 25% said a “company that has no baggage”; 15% said Cisco Systems Inc. or Microsoft Corp.; 13% said a telco like Verizon Communications Inc. or SBC Communications Inc. (now part of AT&T Inc.); 11% said an Internet-service provider like America Online Inc. or EarthLink Inc.; and 4% said a content provider like The Walt Disney Co. or Cable News Network.

“Its no surprise to find that consumers want to save money on their cable or satellite bill,” said Milt Ellis, vice president and senior consultant for Harris Technology Research Practice, “but the survey results also show that many consumers are quite interested in having access to a broad range of content to watch, at a time they determine.”

According to the Harris survey, respondents expressed interest in the following IPTV features:

• 42% Ability to save money since IPTV should be far less costly than cable or satellite;

• 33% VOD;

• 24% broader content choices;

• 20% HDTV;

• 18% DVR;

• 15% interactive program guide and navigation;

• 12% international programming;

• 12% instant channel change;

• 10% ability to watch TV program with people geographically separated from you;

• 10% ability to share and exchange files simultaneously;

• 9% ability to chat while watching TV; and

• 9% multiple picture-in-picture viewing.