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GSN Backs Show with Consumer Marketing

To help drive viewer participation in its new show, Whammy! The All New
Press Your Luck
, Game Show Network is running a consumer sweepstakes
designed to send TV audiences online to its Web site,

Viewers can also enter the sweepstakes through certain interactive-television
services on digital set-top boxes, including MSNTV.

The network also announced Monday that it had signed marketing partnerships
with Spencer Gifts Inc., Burger King Corp. and Mars Inc.'s M&Ms.

Spencer will distribute 'collectible game show' host cards in its mall-based
retail locations to help drive tune-in to GSN.

M&Ms will contribute show prizes and product placements for the new

Burger King has been named the official sponsor of the Whammy!
sweepstakes, dubbed 'Big Bucks and More Big Bucks.'

GSN plans to start on-air spots promoting the Whammy! sweepstakes and
the new series Wednesday. The sweepstakes begins April 15 and runs through April
20. Consumers have a chance to win the top prize of $5,000.

During its advertising upfront in April, GSN will advertise Whammy!
through outdoor advertising on telephone kiosks, buses and commuter