Go Back To The Future With A Puzzling 2008

Test your cable and TV industry knowledge by taking a run at completing Multichannel News’s 2008 crossword puzzle.


 for a printable copy of the puzzle, crafted by Myles Mellor and MCN editors; the answer key is accessible


. In print, the puzzle and answers are on pages 6 and 31 of the Dec. 22 edition of Multichannel News.

Good luck and happy holidays.


1 Messing with Zach?

4 First market to go all digital in September 2008

11 From over-the-air to coax

12 He won't have Colmes to kick around in 2009 (first name)

14 Cable's most feared enemy

15 Appear in a show

17 Sopranos' organization

18 Final episode perhaps

19 He's navigating with Canoe (first name)

20 Plug-and-____

23 One independent programmer used its ImaginAsian to come up with this new name

25 A news “Show” heavy on spoofs

26 Cable network that paid $500 million for the BCS College football championship

28 Goes with maria at the bar

31 Zodiac sign for Lionsgate?

33 Charlie Ergen's favorite stock symbol

34 Nonlinear programming at your service

35 Fewer of these make it harder on networks

37 Capital, for short

38 Secret agent man

40 This mogul had a public battle with his daughter, had to sell $233 million of his media holdings and started divorce proceedings all in 2008 (first name)

44 This 500-pound woman's weight-loss odyssey gave Style Network its highest rated original premiere ever

45 Artificial intelligence, abbr.

47 Long running MTV daily music video shot that aired its final episode in November

49 Premium panel

52 On The Closer, Brenda will ____ the truth

54 That is, for short

56 “Et __, Brute”

58 A canoe could use one

59 Where the real housewives live

62 Father Simpson

64 Cablevision's ____ Rutledge

66 Palinesque party?

67 Spelling stinger?

68 Produces the most popular shows in a ring

69 After winning its appeal in Federal court, Cablevision called this product “a tremendous victory for consumers”

70 Made a film

71 Paris Hilton's ___ New BFF

72 Most watched network during the election


1 Show shifter

2 The cable industry veteran who was appointed president of Fox National Cable Networks this year

3 It's coming to an end on February 17

5 The cable company's face in the home

6 Comcast this year moved 10 Spanish-language nets from a tier to digital basic in this market where Dolphins like to play

7 Anti Bond Doctor

8 Three in one packaging

9 Sometimes retransmission negotiations get this way

10 Top-rated cable network for three consecutive quarters in 2008

13 Affirmative action

16 Music disc

18 To cut video

21 What stations are asking for

22 Bad for your garden, good for Showtime

24 AOL Instant Messenger

27 Homer Simpson's neighbor

29 Cable and telcos need a steady diet of this

30 This home shopping network, seeing sales decline, is eliminating 700 jobs

32 Oprah's, for short

36 Broadcast, in a way

37 Best time for soaps

39 Spin doctor?

40 Quiet!

41 Dance craze from NBCU, Fox

42 National advanced-advertising flotilla of cable operators

43 Greenback, for short

46 Nickelodeon star who shot her first original movie in Japan; set a new ratings record

47 America's real pastime

48 Celebrity

50 Com partner

51 ____com: Redstone's world

53 Either's alternate

55 M.I.T. grad: abbr.

56 Ghost Hunters' org.

57 Def Comedy Jam artist

59 Broadcast

60 Screen type

61 Head __ head

62 Pay TV service that dropped Inside the NFL in February

63 __, myself and I

64 Company that will pay its parent a $9.5 billion dividend when it separates next year (abbrev.)

65 Mad __, the first cable show to take a top Emmy for best drama