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Game Show to Play Russian Roulette

Pasadena, Calif. -- Game Show Network will join the contestant-torture trend
when it debuts original series Russian Roulette in April.

The network will release details Tuesday, executives said, but it gave
television critics gathered here for the Television Critics Association's winter
press tour a quick glimpse of the series Saturday.

In the clip, a failed contestant was dropped off the stage when a trapdoor
opened up beneath her. The clip left pundits mumbling phrases like 'risk
management' and 'lawsuits.'

GSN has ordered 65 episodes of the show, produced by Columbia Tri-Star

Russian Roulette joins NBC's Fear Factor, Fox's The Chamber
and ABC's The Chair -- the latter of which will bow Jan. 15 with tennis
great John McEnroe as host -- as shows that place contestants in uncomfortable
and challenging physical situations.

GSN is developing another series, Friend or Foe, but it is not quite
ready for launch on the network, executives said.

An acquisition, Greed, will launch Jan. 19.

The former Fox series, hosted by Chuck Woolery, will be supported with an
interactive platform that allows viewers to play along on computers, 'AOLTV,'
'Ultimate TV' or 'MSN TV' set-top boxes.

The network will support the launch with a $25,000 'watch-and-win'