Game Show Network Lines Up Lingo

Less than one week before launching new primetime original-series entries
Russian Roulette and Friend or Foe?, Game Show Network has committed to yet another first-run show for
an August premiere.

Lingo is an adaptation of a popular overseas format
in which contestants pair up to guess five-letter words.

GSN has ordered 20 episodes, but it has not determined
whether they will run once or twice per week, or as a five-night

Senior vice president of programming Bob Boden said the time-period decision
will be made in a few weeks.

'It's a great play-along game,' Boden added.

Chuck Woolery, previously host of Greed (now rerunning on the
channel's weekend lineup), will be Lingo's master of ceremonies. Philip
Gurin, executive producer of The Weakest Link, will oversee the show's

GSN will have 90 minutes of original nighttime games starting June 3, when
Russian Roulette and Friend or Foe? join Whammy! The All New
Press Your Luck
on the schedule.

A number of projects are in development, at least two of
which could be in primetime production by the end of the year, according to
network officials.