Game Over for Interactive Jeopardy! , Wheel

Microsoft WebTV Networks Inc. pulled the plug on interactive versions of
Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune after it was unable to cut a new
deal with producer Columbia TriStar Television, WebTV officials confirmed

The loss a big setback for WebTV, as the interactive shows were two of the
most popular programs available to 'WebTV Plus' subscribers.

'What [Columbia] wanted and what Microsoft wanted were two different things,'
WebTV spokesman Bill Bence said.

Columbia TriStar, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, pulled the plug
on the interactive shows Feb. 24, Bence added.

'We regret that the impact on our subscribers is the loss of two popular
interactive applications, but we assure them that we are committed to working
with the creative community to bring them many more hours of compelling
interactivity in the near future,' WebTV said in a statement.

Officials at Columbia TriStar didn't immediately return calls