G4 Counts Down Top 100 Games

Move over, music-video networks: Comcast Corp.-owned G4 will intrude your
top-100-countdown-show turf next week.

The all-about-video-games service will run through The Top 100 Games of
All Time
,in the manner of recurring night-by-night specials on MTV:
Music Television, VH1 and Country Music Television.

G4 is allocating a half-hour per night to its countdown, prepared in
association with Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The choices -- boiled down from a master list of more than 1,000 games --
will also be spotlighted in Entertainment Weekly's May 5 issue.

Queer as Folk co-star Hal Sparks will host the specials, and a few
celebrities -- including actor Ben Affleck and skateboarding superstar Tony Hawk
-- will count off their own favorite video games in various segments.

"This is a show G4 has been looking forward to producing since our launch one
year ago," Vinnie Longobardo, the network's senior programming vice president,
noted in a prepared statement.

"With its own carefully selected top-100 countdown, the video-game genre
takes its rightful place -- alongside movies and music -- as an existing form of
pop-culture entertainment," he added

Each Top 100 special will encore at midnight EST each night, and all
five shows will replay as a multihour primetime marathon May