Fujitsu Plays FASST With Transport

Hoping to take advantage of shifts in cable-network design, telecommunications equipment vendor Fujitsu Network Communications has developed a Flexible Architecture for Subscriber Service Termination (FASST) solution, which combines technology from Atrica, CoSine Communications and Hammerhead Systems.

The goal, Fujitsu said, is to help cable operators and other broadband service providers transition to next generation, packet-based transport systems without stranding too many of today’s network elements.

“FASST is the Fujitsu vision for transitioning and migrating networks smoothly and without compromise,” said senior vice president of FASST business development Rodney Boehm.

The company hopes to build on the cable deployments it has with dense wave division multiplexing and SONET gear. The company counts Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc., Shaw Communications, Rogers Communications and Bright House Networks, among its cable customers.

Fujitsu said FASST would support a wide range of applications, including voice-over-Internet protocol, secure Internet access, transparent local area network service, frame relay/asynchronous transfer mode services, video conferencing, video-on-demand, broadcast video and storage-area networking.

The company said FASST would leverage existing investments in synchronous optical networking (SONET), ATM, frame relay, IP, multiprotocol label switching, operational support systems and optical Ethernet technology.

Atrica will supply carrier-class Optical Ethernet systems. CoSine will provide managed IP services and advanced-subscriber management, while Hammerhead will contribute migration edge switches. Boehm said operators can mix and match elements of FASST and deploy parts of the technology as they are ready.

“The Atrica platform provides a very resilient, carrier-class Ethernet platform,” said Atrica director of product marketing Umesh Kukreja.

Its gear would sit alongside Fujitsu’s transport gear, providing optical Ethernet connectivity for MSOs increasing bandwidth needs. Kukreja said Altrica has deployed equipment with operators, including equipment that provides high-speed Internet access to schools.