Fujitsu Debuts New GPON Gear

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. announced a new Hybrid Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) architecture last week that includes higher downstream and upstream speeds.

“The new GPON standard incorporates several enhancements, including higher downstream/upstream speeds, support for native transport of Ethernet and TDM [time-division-multiplexing] services via Generic Encapsulation Method and the option to eliminate legacy ATM [asynchronous-transfer-mode] protocols,” said Doug Saylor, senior vice president of planning and development at Fujitsu Network Communications.

Fujitsu said the architecture allows cost-effective and efficient capacity upgrades without requiring changes to previously deployed GPON optical-network terminals.

The company added that current PON deployments rely on technology that provides 622 megabits per second of bandwidth downstream and 155 mbps upstream. The newer GPON technology supports 2.488 gigabits per second downstream and 1.244 gbps upstream, allowing for residential speeds of up to 75 mbps per home.