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Frankfort Launches Arris VoIP Gear

The Frankfort Plant Board -- the utility company that serves 20,000 cable subscribers in Frankfort and Franklin County, Ky. -- has launched voice-over-Internet-protocol telephone service using Arris Group Inc.'s "Cadant C4" cable-modem-termination-system and "Touchstone" telephony ports.

Frankfort officials said in a release that VoIP was a natural extension to a circuit-switched-based service for businesses.

"Connected to our ‘DMS-500’ switch with a Nuera [Communications Inc.] PSTN [public switched telephone network] gateway, the Cadant C4 CMTS serves as the interface to provide carrier-grade telephony over our existing plant," said Ed Hancock, assistant superintendent of telecommunications for the utility, in a prepared statement.

Frankfort said its phone rates are 25% cheaper than those of incumbent BellSouth Corp.