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Fox 'TAPs' New Class of Future Animators

For the second year, Fox News Channel's Media Production Group this week hosted at-risk youth from New York for a daylong session of mentorship and training in animation. 

FNC's Dana Perino with TAP class of 2020

FNC's Dana Perino with TAP class of 2020

The Animation Project (TAP), a nonprofit animation studio, hosted a dozen students, who got a tour of the facilities from FNC executives, then shadowed individual members in smaller groups, learning about graphics and animation in the production of 24/7 news. 

TAPS pairs animators and licensed creative arts therapists (LCATs) with NYC public school kids to show them a tech future that allows them to tell stories and create images. 

Speaking at the event was FNC's Dana Perino (The Five), who promoted the program on the show afterwards. She said TAP "helps bring animation and storytelling vehicles to New York City communities and kids who may not have the opportunity otherwise." 

Perino said the program provides technical knowledge, but also makes the point that the kids have promising futures if they make "good choices."