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Fox Family to Launch Two Series

Fox Family Channel -- which will conclude the run of its teen reality game
show, Moolah Beach, on Saturdays -- is poised to launch a pair of new
animated daytime series on that day starting next month.

Totally Spies and Da Mob are slated to bow Nov. 3 at 9:30 a.m. and
12:30 p.m., respectively.

Featuring the voice of Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Boiler Room),
Da Mob follows Cornelius 'Rooster' Byron as the leader of an ill-fated
band whose attempts to find hip-hop stardom go awry. The series melds
traditional cell animation with realistic, three-dimensional models as
backgrounds, Fox Family said.

Totally Spies tracks the exploits of Clover, Alex and Sam, three teens
from Beverly Hills who love to shop, talk about boys and save the world as
secret agents employed by WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection).

Meanwhile, Moolah Beach -- the reality game show that has played well
with teens and tweens -- will end its six-episode original run Oct. 13 at

The one-hour program -- a half-hour version of which appears on Fox Kids
Network -- began its run Sept. 8 with a half-dozen co-ed teams that were culled
from an open contestant call. The squads competed in various stunts and missions
against a Hawaiian backdrop.

On Oct. 13, the final two-person teams will vie for a $25,000 prize housed
within a Hawaiian idol.

Moolah Beach has performed well for Fox Family in its time slot. The Oct.
6 show scored a 2.4 rating among teens 12 through 17, a 4.4 with girls 12
through 17, a 2.6 among tweens nine through 14 and a 3.8 among girls of that
younger set within Fox Family's universe, according to Nielsen Media

According to national Nielsen figures supplied by Fox Family, Moolah
bested its time-slot competitors -- MTV: Music Television's Real
World X
, Nickelodeon's Rocket Power and Cartoon Network's The
Flinstones/The Jetsons
-- among the aforementioned audience