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Foul-Mouthed HamsterStars in Tr3s Web Series

It is not often that you hear curse words like cabrón, güey, pinche or phrases
like "a güevo" in Hispanic TV or
Hispanic online entertainment. But phrases these abound in the recently
launched El Spooky Show, a 12-episode
online show from Tr3s: MTV Música y Más, featuring a giant hamster (Spooky) and
his roomate/owner Yogu.

The series premiered Nov. 11 exclusively on the tr3s.comwebsite in the U.S., with English subtitles. It also appears on Comedy Central
Latin America's website.

In the first episode, Spooky and Yogu get involved in a
hilarious two-minute shouting match to see who can come up with more double
entendres, known in Mexico as albures
and which, for the most part, are untranslatable. All the phrases have an
innocent meaning and a sexually-charged one.

Spooky is not new to Hispanic fans. The hamster first made
his TV debut during MTV International's global 2010 World Cup campaign, appearing
in a series of TV commercials and pretty much explaining why Hispanics were not watching MTV (they were all hooked
on their fútbol).

The campaign and the Web series were created by Miami-based
advertising agency La Comunidad.