Forum Seeks to Connect Execs

This week the Cable Television Public Affairs Association celebrates its 20th anniversary during its annual Forum in Washington, D.C. More than 400 of your colleagues will gather for two days of educational sessions, outreach to policy-makers and networking.

The theme of this year's gathering, “Expanding Cable's Connections,” will further our mission to develop and promote public-affairs excellence to help achieve industry, corporate and social goals.

This year, CTPAA will honor Char Beales (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing), Bill Bresnan (Bresnan Communications) and Paul FitzPatrick (Hallmark Channel) with the President's Award. Nickelodeon's “Let's Just Play” campaign, Lifetime Television's “Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women” and The History Channel's “Save Our History” are the three finalists for the Golden Beacon Award.

Anita Lamont, from Charter Communications Inc., will take over as the organization's president.

The story of CTPAA's success is best told through the people who have worked so hard to ensure that the organization serves its members and the industry's needs, the top executives who support public affairs, and the outstanding efforts cable operators and programmers make to serve the community.

Over the past 20 years, 16 industry veterans have lead CTPAA as the organization's president. In order, they are Dick Holcomb (ATC), Bob Russo (Daniels Cablevision), Bonnie Hathaway (Home Box Office), Peggy Keegan (Viacom Cable), Andy Holdgate (Warner Cable), Jim Ewalt (CATA), Alex Swan (Turner), Nancy Larkin (Continental Cablevision Inc.), Meredith Wagner (Lifetime), Rob Stoddard (Continental), Jim Boyle (Discovery), John Wolfe (Cox), Bonnie Hathaway (Time Warner Cable), Jim Weiss (Turner), Ellen East (Cox), Bob Morrison (VH1 Save the Music Foundation) and Peter Kiley (C-SPAN). These individuals have worked tirelessly to maintain high levels of interest and expertise for the industry's public outreach efforts.

The President's Award recognizes leaders who, by their guidance and support, advance the role of public affairs in the cable industry. Each year, CTPAA honors top-level industry executives who have developed and implemented public affairs initiatives within their companies as well as throughout the cable industry.

These honorees also help illustrate cable's commitment to public service. Brian Lamb (C-SPAN), Glenn Jones (Jones Intercable), Ted Turner (Turner Broadcasting System Inc.), Amos Hostetter (Continental Cablevision), Steve Effros (CATA), Jack Clifford (Colony Communications), Jim Robbins (Cox), Decker Anstrom (National Cable & Telecommunications Association), Tony Cox (Showtime), John Malone (Tele-Communications Inc.), Doug McCormick (Lifetime), John Hendricks (Discovery), Bob Miron (Advance/Newhouse), Joe Collins (Time Warner Cable), Nick Davatzes (A&E Networks), Lynn Yaeger (Time Warner Cable), Josh Sapan (Rainbow Media), Brian Roberts (Comcast Corp.), Tom Freston (MTV Networks), Leo Hindery (TCI), Megan Hookey (Cable in the Classroom), Rob Stoddard (AT&T), Tom Johnson (CNN), Steve Burke (Comcast), Carole Black (Lifetime), John Sykes (VH1), Jim Dolan (Cablevision Systems Corp.), Michael Willner (Insight Communications Co.), Henry Schleiff (Court TV), Glenn Britt (Time Warner Cable) and Anne Sweeney (The Walt Disney Co.) have all enjoyed the honor.

Over the past 10 years, CTPAA has honored these outstanding initiatives with the industry's highest recognition for public affairs, the Golden Beacon: Comcast and C-SPAN, “Students & Leaders” (2004); 2003 C-SPAN, “C-SPAN's Presidential Timeline Giveaway” (2004); Comcast, “Comcast Cares Day 2001” (2002); VH1, “Save the Music” (2001); Court TV, “Choices & Consequences” (2000); Lifetime Television, “Fighting Breast Cancer: Our Lifetime Commitment” (1999); Turner Network Television, “The Wall That Heals” (1998); Continental Cablevision, “View Smart To Vote Smart” (1997); UVTV, “Find Yourself In a Book” (1996); and Lifetime Television, “Picture What Women Do” (1995).

The impact of these campaigns is long-lasting and deep-seeded in communities across America. The influence of the above mentioned executives and a host of others too many to mention has enabled CTPAA to grow and remain a significant contributor to its members and the industry.

CTPAA will continue to serve the needs of our members and the industry. CTPAA has enhanced membership benefits and will continue to do so in the future as the needs of members change and evolve.

This past year, the organization launched a graduate level program, “CTPAA Institute at George Washington University,” and began distributing CTPAA briefs. And once again the association is holding its Forum in Washington, D.C. during a key period for influencing policymakers.

CTPAA remains focused on two major goals: improving professional learning opportunities for all members and providing the recognition public affairs professionals deserve within their companies and the industry.