FCC: CTIA to Be AWS Clearinghouse

The Federal Communications Commission announced Wednesday that CTIA - The Wireless Association will be a cost-sharing clearinghouse for relocating wireless licensees as a result of the 2006 advanced-wireless-services auction (www.multichannel.com/article/CA6373210.html).

CTIA said it will “administer fair and equitable cost-sharing functions for the relocation of broadband-radio-service, fixed-microwave-service and mobile-satellite-service incumbent licensees from the 2.1-gigahertz band.”

The trade group continued, “The purpose of a cost-sharing clearinghouse is to distribute the burden of relocation equitably and promote the rapid buildout of new networks. The clearinghouse encourages companies to register relocation costs to ensure notification of all cost-sharing opportunities.”

The CTIA said it contracted with Comsearch, a provider of engineering services and software, to handle the day-to-day operations of relocation and cost-sharing.

“We appreciate the FCC for recognizing the important role CTIA can play to ensure that all parties involved in the post-auction spectrum-distribution process are treated justly," CTIA CEO Steve Largent said in a prepared statement.

"By registering with the CTIA spectrum clearinghouse, licensees can comply with FCC rules and ensure reimbursement for their relocation investments by new entrants for years to come,” he added.