ESPN Launches New ‘Monday Night Football’ Ad Campaign

With two weeks until its season debut, ESPN has kicked off a new ad campaign for Monday Night Football.

The new campaign will be featured throughout the season and have the tagline: “No Other Night is Monday Night.”

Done in partnership with NFL Films, ESPN began rolling out 15 and 30-second spots Monday that featured up-close looks at NFL stars including Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Robert Griffin III, Brandon Marshall and Cam Newton as they make their way through the tunnels of various stadiums. Additional spots will also launch Monday featuring Griffin, Marhsall, Peyton Manning and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks as they prepare for a Monday Night Football game.

Throughout the season, this documentary-style featuring a NFL Films original musical score in the background will highlight the weekly match ups of the Monday Night Football schedule.

“Since our first season of ESPN Monday Night Football in 2006, we’ve always sought to elevate and differentiate primetime NFL viewing on Monday nights from other primetime NFL viewing because it offers a unique experience for — and has different resonance with — fans.” said Aaron Taylor, senior VP of marketing at ESPN. “While we’ve employed humor to help communicate that differentiation in the past, this year the team sought to focus on the drama and intensity of Monday night through the footage of NFL Films.

ESPN kicks off its Monday Night Football schedule Sept. 8 with a doubleheader featuring the New York Giants vs Detroit Lions followed by the San Diego Chargers traveling to the site of Super Bowl XLIX to take on the Arizona Cardinals.