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ESPN Gives Math, Science Lessons

Washington -- Students struggling with the basics of math
and physics could start learning about velocity from baseball players with a set of
educational videos that ESPN plans to send to schools around the country.

A total of 18,000 public and private schools will receive
the seven-episode set of ESPN2's SportsFigures series, ESPN president George
Bodenheimer announced at a press conference here this week.

ESPN will send the tapes in cooperation with GO Network, an
Internet portal created by Infoseek and ESPN's parent, The Walt Disney Co.

The video lessons, accompanied by a curriculum plan for
teachers, teach students about math and physics through the medium of sports. The program
also features professional athletes, including golfer Tiger Woods and basketball player
Juwan Howard.

This summer, GO Network plans to put accompanying SportsFigures
material on its site,

The SportsFigures program, created in 1995, is
transmitted each Monday on ESPN2 at 5:30 a.m., for taping by high-school teachers. The
lessons are part of the cable industry's Cable in the Classroom initiative.

States News Service