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Emerging MSOs


Robert Miron, CEO

5015 Campuswood Dr.

East Syracuse, NY 13057


Basic subscribers: 2 million

Advance/Newhouse Communications and Time Warner Entertainment L.P. have restructured their cable partnership in a deal that will create a separate MSO for Advance/Newhouse. A/N will control 2 million subscribers in several large markets including Central Florida and Tampa, currently Time Warner's second and third-largest clusters. Advance/Newhouse has partnered with Time Warner since 1995 and had renewed the agreement annually since 1998. But after the AOL/Time Warner merger took effect, the publishing company decided to re-negotiate. A/N has been quiet about its plans so far, but analysts expect the new MSO (which would rank 10th on our list if it existed today) to become a force in the industry.

The company's top management team includes 30-year cable veteran Robert Miron, who remains CEO. His son Steve Miron will step in as president, while Nomi Bergman will be executive vice president of strategy and development and Bill Futera is set to serve as executive vice president and CFO.

Bresnan Communications

William Bresnan, president/CEO

777 West Chester Ave.

White Plains, NY 10604


Basic subscribers: 320,000

Bresnan Communications announced in April it will purchase cable systems from AT&T Broadband serving approximately 320,000 subscribers. This new MSO (which would rank 15th on our list if it existed today) will include all of AT&T cable properties in Montana and Wyoming and several systems in Colorado and Utah. Bresnan has also announced a three year, $300 million upgrade for these systems, set to begin as soon as the transaction is completed late this year. “We look forward to working with the people in these communities,” said Bill Bresnan, president and chief executive officer of Bresnan Communications. “We plan to be able to quickly upgrade the majority of these systems.”