Eisner Still Getting $1M Salary

The Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner may have lost his chairman title, but it’s not having a negative effect on his bank account.

According to Disney’s quarterly report, filed Thursday, Eisner will still receive an annual salary of $1 million, AP reported.

"As much criticism as Mr. Eisner is taking right now, his critics should realize that a $1 million salary for a company of Disney's size is actually pretty low," Sanders Morris Harris Group Inc. analyst David Miller told AP.

Eisner received total compensation of $7.3 million in 2003, including a $6.25 million stock bonus, AP reported.

In comparison, Viacom Inc. chairman and CEO Sumner Redstone received $19.9 million in total compensation for the same period, while Time Warner Inc. chairman and CEO Richard Parsons took home $12.4 million.