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EchoStar Adds Everything

EchoStar Communications Corp.'s Dish Network has introduced a new programming package, bundling "America's Top 150" with all four of the premium multiplexes the direct-broadcast satellite provider offers.

The 185-channel service, for $69.99, includes seven premium feeds of Home Box Office, three Cinemax feeds, 10 channels of Showtime and its affiliated services and 8 channels from the Starz! Encore Super Pak.

In addition, the so-called "America's Everything Pack" boasts 6 additional Encore thematic channels and the two The Movie Channel feeds that are standard in the Top 150 package, as well as eight additional full-time movie networks that range from the Independent Film Channel to Turner Classic Movies.

"This is a movie lover's dream," vice president of marketing Mary Peterson said. Although the company was tempted to use a name like "Mega Movie Pack," she said, "we weren't comfortable with calling it just movies" because of its additional basic services, such as Speedvision and the full suite of Discovery digital networks.

DirecTV's top programming bundle, Total Choice Platinum, sells for $82.99 per month, although each satellite provider carries some channels not found on the other's lineup. In addition, DirecTV sells a $5 add-on tier called The Family Pack, which includes some channels that are included in Dish's "Everything Pack."

"We want to maintain our leadership position as offering people the most for their money," Peterson said.

Both DBS providers sell some programmingàla carte, including local-to-local channels (where available), adult programming, seasonal sports packages and certain ethnic services.

New customers will be offered three free months of the "Everything Pack" if they sign up for the America's Top 100 package and at least one premium movie service.