Dude, This Sucks : MTV Sued

Just as MTV: Music Television is fending off criticism of its Jackass show, a lawsuit has been filed against the
network in Los Angeles over a stunt during taping of another one of its shows
that left audience members splattered in feces.

Two Big Bear, Calif., teens, Kelli Sloat and Monique Garcia, alleged that
they have been subjected to continued humiliation ever since the taping of
Dude, This Sucks in January at a ski resort in the San Bernardino

During a segment, guests on the show, who dubbed themselves 'Shower Rangers,'
bared their backsides to the teens and defecated upon the audience. The girls
said most of the human waste fell on them.

During a press conference Thursday, the girls said they continue to suffer
harassment at their school by peers who say they smell.

MTV president of programming, Brian
Graden said he was not aware of the content of the segment before taping and has
taken steps to ensure that no similar incidents ever take place. The footage has
never aired, and he expresed regret that it happened. MTV is reviewing the

The suit -- filed in the Santa Monica branch of the Los
Angeles Superior Court by the girls' attorney, Gloria Allred -- asks for
unspecified damages.