DSL Vendor Will Buy Pace Boxes

Atlanta— Myrio Corp., a vendor to digital subscriber line service providers, said it has inked a deal to purchase 85,000 DSL4000 digital set-tops from Pace Micro Technology plc's Americas division.

The deal calls for Pace to initially ship 10,000 DSL4000s to Myrio over the next 12 months. The rest will be shipped over the subsequent 18-month period and include Pace's new home gateway, the set-top maker said.

Pace said its new gateways will support low-bit-rate video streams, personal video recording and video telephony. Pace will also integrate Myrio's TV-centered Internet-protocol software platform, and both companies will collaborate on other IP-based applications for fiber-to-the-home and wireless networks.

Pace first announced plans for a U.S.-targeted DSL set-top box in late October 2000. U.K.-based Kingston Communications plc currently uses its European version.