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DotTV Becomes En Vogue on Web

Pasadena, Calif.

, the "exclusive provider" for ".tv" Internet domains, said it has registered more than 100,000 domain names, and claimed it reached that figure faster than any other TLD (Top-Level Domain) in Internet history.

DotTV CEO Lou Kerner said it took his company only six months to accomplish the feat, compared to the six years it took for ".com" registrations to reach the 100,000 mark.

Earlier this year, three companies paid the tidy sum of $100,000 each via an auction to register their respective sites with the .tv domain:, and Though those domains were awarded via an auction because they are considered generic "dictionary" names, other .tv domain addresses are granted on a first-come, first-served basis for an initial annual registration fee of $50.

Sega of America
Columbia TriStar International Television
RVB Online
Pax TV

British Telecom

are among companies that have adopted .tv domains, DotTV said. DotTV provides those domains via an agreement with Tuvalu, an island nation with no arable land, permanent crops or pastures.