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Dolan Consorts with DBS Guys

The Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association has booked Chuck Dolan to speak at its SkyFORUM conference Oct. 30, where the Cablevision Systems Corp. chairman plans to talk about the company’s Rainbow DBS venture.

Dolan’s appearance at SkyFORUM is a bit startling, considering that the biannual event -- which will also feature EchoStar Communications Corp. chairman Charlie Ergen and DirecTV Inc. CEO Eddy Hartenstein -- is traditionally a day filled with
direct-broadcast satellite executives bashing the cable industry.

It’s where satellite chiefs tell Wall Street analysts and other attendees how they plan to take down the cable industry.

It’s also worth pointing out that Dolan -- who hasn’t appeared on a panel at a cable convention in recent years -- is the only top-five-MSO executive who isn’t currently scheduled to appear on panel of cable leaders at the Western Show in December.