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Documentary Channel Reels To The Max

Documentary Channel will air 21 films from the IMAX library, including the Tom Cruise-narrated Space Station as part of a deal with IMAX distributor Northstar Media.

The multiyear agreement, terms of which were not disclosed, calls for the 12 million-subscriber Documentary Channel to exclusively distribute the “IMAX XXI Film package,” which includes such films as the Tom Hanks-narrated Magnificent Desolation, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous and China: The Panda Adventure, said DOC president Tom Neff.

The film package has a combined estimated total of more than $600 million in gross box office receipts, including three of the top 10 highest-grossing films in IMAX history.

“IMAX has an unparalleled reputation with both the film industry and general public for producing extraordinary, awe-inspiring film experiences and Documentary Channel is proud to be the network to bring these spectacular films to North American television audiences for the first time,” says Neff. “They have been transferred to high-def with meticulous care, and DOC is thrilled with the opportunity of unveiling these films on television.”