Disney's Lizzie to Silver Screen

Pasadena, Calif. -- Disney Channel will take a page out of Nickelodeon's
strategy book, turning successful tween-targeted series Lizzie McGuire
into a theatrical feature.

Richard Ross, general manager and executive vice president of programming and
production for the channel, told pundits at the Television Critics Association
winter tour here Sunday that the channel knew it was time to go to the big
screen when 'toy and makeup companies and People magazine started
calling' about the series.

Normally, 65 episodes is considered a full run of a children's skein, and
Lizzie McGuire is approaching that milestone.

'But we've never had a movie before,' Ross added, indicating that there is a
possibility the channel could exercise options on the series.

Lizzie McGuire centers on the school and other-life adventures of a gawky
14-year-old girl, played by Hillary Duff.

The series' creative team will produce the movie, which has yet to be

Disney Channel executives also announced that they will launch another series
aimed at girls, the animated Kim Possible.

The hero is an average high-school student with a secret life as a

The 'Kim' character will be voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, who also stars
in the channel's Even Stevens series.

Kim Possible is slated to premiere in June.