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Disney Going Stark Raven Mad

Disney Channel has visualized a second season of That's So Raven, its
second-most-popular series behind Lizzie McGuire.

Production on the 22-episode second season, starring Raven (Olivia on The
Cosby Show
), began in Hollywood Monday.

Network officials did not say when the new batch of shows -- focusing on a
teen who can see glimpses of the future, but not always what's happening in the
present -- would bow.

To date, Disney has premiered nine installments of the 21-episode first

The network's goal is to reach a total of 65 episodes so the show can be
stripped across its schedule.

Disney has also held beck six episodes of Lizzie McGuire for similar
Raven debuted to record network numbers Jan. 17, scoring a
3.0 household average, an 8.4 among kids six through 11, a 5.1 among boys six
through 11, a 12.0 among girls six through 11 and an 8.1 among tweens nine
through 14, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

Gauged against all basic-cable networks, Raven, through eight premiere
installments until March 28, ranked first in its 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. time slot
among kids six through 11 (5.7) tweens (5.2), girls six through 11 (8.3) and girl
tweens nine through 14 (7.5)

In the first quarter, Raven was Disney's second-highest-rated series
among kids six through 11 (4.7) and tweens nine through 14 (4.3), behind
. It was also the top-rated Disney series (average of all plays) among
boys six through 11 (2.9).

The show's overall coverage rating was a 1.8 (1.5 million homes) in the first
quarter, according to Nielsen Media Research.

According to Disney, Raven (6.8) was the second-highest-rated (average
of all plays) show among girls six through 11, trailing only Lizzie
(7.0), in the first quarter.