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Dish to Ship Two-Tuner PVR

EchoStar Communications Corp. will offer its two-tuner personal video
recorder, the Dish model 'PVR 721,' through retail by the end of June, CEO
Charlie Ergen said Monday night during an on-air 'Charlie Chat' with

The news came in response to a caller who questioned the long delay in the
product's introduction.

'We want to put it out when it's right,' Ergen said. 'Sometimes the
impossible takes a little longer.'

Product-marketing manager Jan Johnson said that while the new integrated
satellite receiver and PVR will be digital-subscriber-line-capable, that feature
will not be activated initially.

Ergen warned subscribers to purchase the product for its two-tuner PVR
capabilities, and not for DSL, as the company could not yet say how or when the
DSL features would be added.

DirecTV Inc. offers two-tuner receivers for use with TiVo Inc. and UltimateTV
PVR services.