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Dish Network Cuts Off Retailers

Dish Network has terminated its relationships with several retailers who it believes have engaged in illegal activity, including fraud and misrepresentation when establishing customer accounts for the satellite provider’s service, the company said Monday.

The retailers are: Digi Tech Solutions of Henderson, Nev.; Mohammed Jabev (doing business as Starz Satellite) of Montgomery, Texas; Arsen Kazaryan (doing business as TV Connect) of Los Angeles; David Cativo (doing business as  Houston Satellite) of Houston; Pro Tech Installation Serv LTD (doing business as Pro Tech Satell) of Lubbock, Texas; and Michael Nghiem (doing business as Techmedia Group) of Katy, Texas.

Dish Network said in a statement that it doesn’t tolerate illegal activity and will take action against any retailer that it believes has engaged in any form of fraud or misrepresentation in its dealings with Dish.