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Discovery Heads Out In Shackleton’s Wake

Discovery Networks Western Europe has commissioned a new adventure series on Discovery Channel, Endurance In The Wake Of Shackleton, following a team of modern day explorers who attempt to follow in the path of Ernest Shackleton’s epic journey – the 800 nautical-mile crossing of the treacherous Southern Ocean, followed by the South Georgia mountain-traverse.

That desperate journey offered the only possible chance of rescue following the sinking of Shackleton's expedition ship, The Endurance.

Produced by Raw TV, polar explorer Tim Jarvis will lead a specially selected six-man team on this challenging expedition pushing every man’s boundaries to the limits. Today’s expedition boat is a replica of the 22.5-foot James Caird, which made the original crossing, and the expedition will be made using traditional equipment, navigational tools and clothing giving unprecedented insight into the courage and leadership of Shackleton and his crew, the network said in a release.

Using handheld and fixed camera rig, state of the art cameras will be built into the boat. BAFTA-nominated expedition camera/director Ed Wardle will be embedded as one of the six man crew to capture the experience.

Dan Korn, SVP, Head of Programming, Discovery Networks Western Europe, said in the release: "Can today’s men summon the heroism, bravery and incredible luck needed to succeed and survive such an endurance test? Discovery’s 2013 expedition will wage their strength, skill and toughness against the most powerful forces of nature to discover the secrets behind Shackleton’s survival and to see how they measure up against the heroes of a hundred years ago.”

Endurance In The Wake Of Shackleton is executive produced by Elizabeth McIntyre and Helen Hawken for Discovery Networks Western Europe and Sam Maynard for Raw TV.