Discovery Familia Puts the Perfect Woman’s Wardrobe to the Test

A woman can never have too many clothes, shoes or accessories. Discovery Familia wants to change that for one lucky fashionista.

On Aug. 15, the Hispanic pay TV network debuted its latest original production, Desafio Fashionista -- a reality competition that features four Latinas taking on weekly challenges designed to reveal which member of the quartet is the “ultimate fashionista.” The series will air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

In each episode, contestants will be challenged to put together the perfect look for three distinct and special occasions: a beach wedding, a blind date and a job interview. The judges' panel includes actress and blogger Adriana Abascal, who is also the series' host; Mexican presenter Olivia Peralta; Colombian fashion editor Juan Carlos Giraldo; and a special guest panelist on each episode. Contestants will be evaluated on personal taste, elegance, creativity and their “keen sense of style.”

At the end of each episode, final participants go head-to-head against each other. The winner takes home a complete wardrobe of clothes, shoes and accessories.

"The Latina woman, by nature, likes to take care of herself and is interested in looking good and in knowing the latest fashion trends," Discovery Familia vice president of content Bilai Joa Silar said. “This is a series with a fun and innovative format that was developed based on her likes and needs.”