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DiscoveryFamilia Launches Hispanic ‘Artzooka!'

Familia on Aug. 22 will premiere a Hispanic version of Artzooka!, an educational series targeting kids and produced in
partnership with Toronto-based CCI Entertainment.

Artzooka!, versions of which have
been produced in several countries and languages, including Portuguese and
French, will feature Argentine actor Bruno Lazzaro as host. Lazzaro conducts
the 26-episode, half-hour series airing Monday through Friday.

customized version targets Spanish-speaking preschoolers, encouraging them to
be creative by taking to manual arts and crafts. In one episode, Lazzaro takes
children to create a set of cardboard "friends" using discarded milk boxes,
straws and toilet-paper rolls.

Artzooka! rolls out as Discovery
Familia receives the results of its first month of Nielsen measurement. In
July, the channel was the No. 1 Hispanic TV channel from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. among
kids 2- 5 and No. 2 with kids 2-11, per Nielsen.

also ranked No. 2 among women 18-49 with kids aged 2-5 during the morning
fringe period, Nielsen said.

Familia, available in 4 million Hispanic homes, will also roll out Ser mamá hoy, a series of short
interstitials targeting mothers and featuring Jeannette Torres-Alvarez, who was
presented at Discovery en Español's upfront as the Discovery Familia brand