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Discovery Enters the Ice Age

Just days before 20th Century Fox animated movie Ice Age premieres, it
will get a promotional assist across two nights from a pair of Discovery
Networks U.S. services.

Discovery Channel will run Real Beasts of the Ice Age March 13 as its
tie-in stunt for the film.

Animal Planet will follow the next night with A Night of Mammoth Fun,
according to Discovery Channel executive director of advertising and promotion
Mary Clare Baquet and Autonomy CEO Rick Scott.

This marks the first time more than one of the services under the Discovery
Networks umbrella has tied into a motion picture, Baquet said.

Autonomy, a Hollywood-based brand and design firm, produced the on-air
wraparounds and other footage for both networks, all featuring Ray Romano, star
of CBS' Everybody Loves Raymond, as on-air host.

In the movie, which bows March 15, Romano is the voice for a wooly mammoth
named Manfred.

Discovery will further the linkage by repeating its Walking with
Prehistoric Beasts
special, Baquet said.

Besides the various on-air promos, Baquet said, there will be a sweepstakes
component and a retail presence.