Discovery en Español Special Explores Arizona's SB1070 Law

Discovery en Español on Sept. 18 will premiere La ley del miedo, a one-hour documentary about Arizona's SB 1070, the controversial bill that quickly became the broadest and strictest anti-undocumented immigration measure in the U.S.

Directed by Colombian producer, writer and filmmaker Jaime Escallón, La ley del miedo explores a debate that has torn U.S. citizens apart, from those who argue for compassion toward undocumented workers and those who ask for stricter enforcement. Escallón, who has produced for CBC, Televisa, RCN and Bravo, among other networks, is focusing on the lives of those people caught in the crosshairs, from hard-working, undocumented immigrants to the law enforcement agents asked to stop them and the everyday American citizen.

An original production, La ley del miedo premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. as part of Discovery en Español's Discovery Presenta block, a weekly segment showcasing specials that resonate with U.S. Hispanic audiences.

Also premiering this month is Operación Sodoma: La caída del Mono Jojoy, about Colombia's military operation to kill the top rebel commander of the FARCs, Jorge Biceño Suarez (aka Mono Jojoy); and Los Hipopótamos del Capo, a tale about the wild hippos that were illegally transported to Colombia for use in the personal zoo of former drug lord Pablo Escobar.