Discovery en Español, ITN Team for Flight 370 Doc

Pay TV network Discovery en Español has announced that it will air an hourlong documentary produced by ITN Productions that gathers aviation and security experts from across the globe to discuss the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Flight 370: The Missing Links will air globally, and was commissioned by Discovery Networks International for its exclusive use. In the U.S., Discovery en Español will be its sole broadcast venue.

The documentary will address seven missing links associated with the doomed flight, and the mystery surrounding its whereabouts and possible crash sites: airport security, air traffic control, on-board communication systems, mechanical failure, radar and satellite tracking, international cooperation and the black box.

According to a network spokesperson, Discovery en Español has not yet set a premiere date, as the show is still in production.

In other programming news, Discovery en Español will air Everest Jump Live -- a two-hour event in which climber Joby Ogwyn will leap off of the top of Mt. Everest in what is expected to be one of the most challenging and complicated live broadcasts ever.