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DirecTV Sues Radio Host

DirecTV Inc. has filed a lawsuit against New York-based WFAN sports-radio
personality Sid Rosenberg over comments the direct-broadcast satellite company
said he made over the air.

During a March 11 Imus in the Morning show with Don Imus, DirecTV
said, Rosenberg told Imus he had used an illegally modified DirecTV access card
and urged Imus to do likewise.

The company added that Rosenberg continued to boast about the access card
throughout the program.

Rosenberg's station is owned by CBS/Infinity Broadcasting Corp., which is
owned by Viacom Inc. DirecTV runs programming from Viacom.

CBS spokesman Dana McClintock said the issue is between Sid Rosenberg and

'WFAN does not condone' signal theft, he added.

McClintock said Rosenberg will stay employed.

DirecTV said it has a copy of the transcript.

Spokesman Robert Mercer said the lawsuit was filed Thursday in a federal
court in Manhattan. The company has not received a response, he