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DirecTV Has Lewis-Grant

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- When undisputed world
heavyweight-boxing champion Lennox Lewis steps into the ring April 29, DirecTV will be the
only service to broadcast the bout live to all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lewis, who captured the title from Evander Holyfield last
November, will defend his crown against undefeated heavyweight contender Michael Grant. A
total of 13 feet and 490 pounds of boxers will step into the ring for this special DirecTV
direct-broadcast satellite pay-per-view event. DirecTV has exclusive broadcast rights for
the Latin America/Caribbean region.

The fight will also be available nonexclusively to DirecTV
subscribers in Puerto Rico.

DirecTV will broadcast the event live from Madison Square
Garden in New York, with Spanish, Portuguese and English commentary.

DirecTV is a leading provider of satellite television in
Latin America and the Caribbean, reaching 27 markets.