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DirecTV, Dish Proffer New Means to Address GOP Voters

DBS leaders DirecTV and Dish Network are giving Republican and conservative politicians a chance to reach a large portion of their subscriber constituency.

D2 Media Sales, the partnership between Dish and DirecTV that sells addressable ads to political campaigns, has inked a deal with i360, which has a database of voters Republican and conservative candidates that could be targeted.

Candidates and advocacy groups will be able to use data to direct commercials at the household level from the two DBS companies’ 20 million addressable subscribers.

By tapping i360, right of center campaigns and organizations can now choose from over 35 pre-matched segments focusing on voter registration, party affiliation, likelihood to turnout, persuadability, economic and social issues and more, via the D2 platform.

“By working with i360, D2 Media Sales will be able to offer political campaigns the ability to focus their message to a very precise set of voters,” Keith Kazerman, senior vice president, ad sales for DirecTV said in a statement. “The addressable advertising platform D2 Media Sales offers campaigns will allow them to combine the precision of direct mail and the accountability of digital with the reach and emotional impact of television.”

Noted i360 president Michael Palmer: “Addressable advertising is a game changer in political advertising, allowing clients to target voters on television the same way they would through the mail, on the phone, at the door or online. This nationwide match will allow conservative groups to bring more data-driven strategies to their TV buying plans, focusing ads on the voters we need to win.”