DirecTV Broadband Targets Cable

DirecTV Broadband will continue to offer two months of free
digital-subscriber-line service to existing cable-modem customers through May

The company launched the special offer late last year.

In addition to the offer's two months of free service, DirecTV Broadband said
it will also waive its $49.99 activation fee, putting the total value of the
package at about $150.

The company is pushing the offer via a toll-free number and a special Web site.

According to the site, DirecTV DSL customers who take advantage of the offer
must commit to and pay for 12 consecutive months of service at $49.99 per month,
and pay $24.99 for shipping and handling of the gateway.

If customers terminate or cancel the service before the end of the yearlong
commitment, they're obligated to return the equipment or be charged $499, and
they are subject to an additional fee of up to $139.99.

DirecTV DSL said its download speeds 'can be as fast as' 1.5 megabits per
second, but like other DSL providers, speed levels are dependent on a home's
distance from the phone company's central office.