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In Demand to Deliver VOD via Satellite

In Demand L.L.C. has reached an agreement with technology company Pathfire to
transmit digitally compressed content to cable video-on-demand file servers
utilizing In Demand's satellite capacity and uplink facilities.

In Demand plans to begin satellite VOD transmission on a nontest basis to
cable headends April 1, network representatives said.

The platform will utilize In Demand's existing network integrated with
Pathfire's (formerly Video Networks Inc.) pitch-and-catch server hardware and
multicast software. The service will provide faster and more cost-effective
delivery of VOD content, as well as more flexible programming options for cable

'This is a huge deal that establishes the foundation for cable's VOD business
and that reinforces cable's value in an extremely competitive marketplace,' In
Demand executive vice president Rob Jacobson said.

'In addition to delivering the traditional types of pay-per-view programming
on VOD -- such as commercial-free movies, basic-network series and SVOD
[subscription VOD] -- we can also develop new forms of digital content and
interactive programming that will help to solidify cable's role as the preferred
choice for digital service,' he added.