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Customers Worry About Comcast Takeover of SusCom

Susquehanna Communications customers have been working their way around the buyout of that company by Comcast. Some of the transition has run smoothly, but some former SusCom customers have run into a few speed bumps when changing their e-mail addresses.

Meanwhile, Maine residents and regulators wonder what kind of changes are in store as Comcast takes over SusCom’s operations there.

Dana Baggett of Harpswell, Maine, wondered whether rates will go up and is curious about channel lineup changes. “I’d like more specifics now,” Baggett told the Portland Press Herald. While the Comcast takeover of SusCom might actually add services, state officials fear that such corporate acquisitions could eventually create monopolies and stick consumers with higher prices and lower quality customer service.

Portland general manager Patrick McCormick said two channels — Golf Channel and OLN — will be added to the 62-channel full basic service, which now costs $46.40 a month. McCormick said the full basic service rate will not change, nor will the rate for limited basic service, which is $8.50.

Meanwhile, some former SusCom customers were struggling late last month to switch their e-mail addresses to Comcast. According to the New York Daily Record, customers received e-mail messages in late August informing them that their SusCom Internet access was now being provided by Comcast. Despite step-by-step instructions, many customers had trouble making the switch.