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CSG Strikes Deals with Cox, SoftNet

Denver-CSG Systems International Inc. has signed deals to expand its relationship with Cox Communications Inc. and to service SoftNet System's Inc.'s ISP Channel.

The Cox deal, a five-year service contract, is valued at $40 million, according to the billing and information-systems firm. Cox will license "CSG Statement Express," an online statement-image-viewing system that allows customer-service representatives to view bills exactly as subscribers see them.

Further, the contract includes "CSG Direct Solutions" print and mail services. CSG Direct Solutions will be used for 6 million Cox residential customers.

CSG will also provide ISP Channel with customer support and billing for its cable-modem Internet-service customers. Use of the software will allow ISP Channel to share customer data on sales, installation scheduling, billing, modems and service upgrades with its partner cable affiliates. Some 60 percent of those cable-system customers already use CSG technology.

CSG users who upgrade to the "High-Speed Data" module will be able to get e-mail and modems through the database in ISP Channel's customer-care facility in Mountain View, Calif.

"Through CSG, we can also automatically provision e-mail accounts and modems for various levels of service. This improves the quality of service for our broadband-modem customers and increases efficiency within our operations," ISP Channel president Jonathan Marx said in a prepared statement.