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CSG Releases New ‘Kenan/BP’ Package

CSG Systems International Inc. released the newest version of its "Kenan/BP"
billing-solutions portfolio Monday.

Kenan/BP and the other complementary, preintegrated modules are part of
"Kenan FX," a new offering that combines CSG's strongest existing and acquired
applications with new products and features in a single, easily integrated
customer-care and billing framework for the telecommunications marketplace.

The newest release of Kenan/BP features a single data model for billing and
ordering, ensuring that operators maintain a holistic view of their customers at
every step in their relationship, from taking the order to billing for

CSG has added event-time-unit credit-rating capabilities to Kenan/BP,
allowing operators to provide up-to-the minute information about a customer's
own usage -- whether it be in minutes, dollars, call duration or other forms of
usage -- in real-time.

When used in conjunction with CSG's thresholding functionality, an operator
can take immediate action on event-time-unit credit information. By providing
usage information as soon as it happens, operators have the flexibility to offer
creative packages and promotions quickly and to increase customer retention.

In addition, CSG offers other preintegrated modules with Kenan/BP that
address specific billing needs, including taxation, discounting, collections,
journals, payments and invoice calculation.