CSB Staff Makeover Continues

The staff makeover of the Cable Services Bureau at the Federal Communications
Commission continues with the recent departure of deputy chief Sherille Ismail
for a new assignment in the Office of Plans and Policy.

New CSB chief W. Kenneth Ferree has used his first eight weeks on the job to
get acquainted with operations and install new leadership that will drive key
policies likely to come to head in the fall -- chief among them cable Internet
access, interactive television and the digital-television transition.

Ferree has assigned associate bureau chief Sarah Whitesell to head the
cable-access issue and associate bureau chief Barbara Esbin to lead on
interactive TV. He also assigned associate chief Marjorie (Peggy) Reed Greene to
advise him on digital-television-transition issues.

Ismail's departure leaves the CSB with one deputy in veteran William Johnson.
Ferree has made no announcement on filling the Ismail vacancy.