Cramer Returns to CNBC

Financial-news honcho Jim Cramer is back on CNBC.

Cramer, the renowned hedge-fund manager and founder of
The , will
return to CNBC in a variety of capacities, appearing as a market commentator, a
biweekly co-host for Squawk Box and a contributor to Business

The exclusive TV deal also calls for Cramer to provide ongoing analysis and
stock tips throughout CNBC's 'Business Day' programming.

Cramer began to run afoul of CNBC during a 1998 appearance on Squawk
, after which the financial network alleged that he was attempting to
manipulate the performance of a high-tech stock. He was booted from CNBC the
following year, after signed a deal to produce a weekly show with
Fox News Channel.

However, Cramer also ran into problems at FNC for touting's
stock on the air. The parties later reached an out-of-court settlement.

As a markets commentator and private investor, Cramer will be governed by the
same financial policies that apply to all of the network's staffers. As such, he
will fully disclose all of his public-entity holdings on CNBC as a means to
eliminate any potential conflicts of interest between his trading activity and
his role as commentator.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, Cramer is exclusive to CNBC on
television, and his personal stock portfolio will be listed on's
portfolio tracker. He will also continue to contribute to New York magazine.