Cox Expands Motorola CMTS Commitment

Cox Communications Inc. plans to install new Motorola Broadband
Communications Sector 'BSR 64000' cable-modem-termination systems/routers in its
systems in Las Vegas; San Diego; Omaha, Neb.; and New England.

Motorola said Cox will replace its existing Data Over Cable Service Interface
Specification 1.0 broadband-services router from Motorola in Las Vegas with the
new DOCSIS 1.1 gear.

In April, Cox connected nearly 15,000 cable-modem customers to a BSR 64000
router, a Motorola record and triple the industry average, the company said.

The CMTS and router feature distributed processor architecture, advanced
spectrum management, 'SmartFlow' quality of service and 99.999 percent
availability, Motorola said.