Connecticut OKs SNET's Cable Exit

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control voted Wednesday to grant
the wish of Southern New England Telecommunications Corp.'s Personal Vision
subsidiary to get out of the cable business.

SNET had suggested a $40 payment to each of its 30,000 customers in the state
to aid them in their transition to another entertainment provider, but
regulators ordered a $50 payment.

SNET got a statewide franchise in 1996, but by 1999, it determined that the
business would be unprofitable. The venture had deployed hybrid fiber-coaxial,
but its primary manufacturer went out of business. The venture stopped building
plant in April 1999.

Regulators hoped to compel the operation to sell the cable plant to another
provider, but state attorneys determined that Connecticut does not have the
authority to force a sale. SNET officials have steadfastly maintained that they
will not sell the plant.

SNET has yet to set a date on which Personal Vision will cease