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A Compilation of Quotes

Rick Lindner, AT&T’s chief financial officer during the company’s second-quarter earning report:

“In recent weeks we’ve taken significant steps on the video front. In June we made our initial expansion of AT &T U-verse services in San Antonio powered by Project Light Speed. San Antonio is the first metro area where the services are commercially available and by design we’re ramping the project in a measured wave to insure a good customer experience. In our first wave we’re marketing to about 6,200 homes. We’re doing some innovative things in terms of marketing using neighborhood events, going door-to-door, hosting customer parties and so forth. We also have live demos available at a Cingular store and the initial response is very promising. Customers love the service. Picture service and features beat cable in side-by-side tests. We expect to have 10% of the targeted customers in service by the end of July and three-fourths of our U-verse customers are also taking a higher speed broadband service.

John Gauder, VP and GM for Comcast Middle Tennessee responding to the question, “Comcast, like many similar entities, can be difficult to contact. What are you doing to address this?” in the NashvilleCityPaper:

“We operate a local call center employing more than 300 people and that is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We measure daily the number of people who attempt to contact us, how many people we talk with, the average time someone must wait on hold and the average length of each to ensure we deliver on our promise of providing superior customer service. We survey customers every month about their experience with us. We score very high on these customer surveys, which supports statistics telling us we do an excellent job of customer service. We operate 15 offices throughout Middle Tennessee, conveniently located so people do business with us in person. We also offer live online chat for customers who prefer to contact us via the Internet.”

Janine Djukie of Wayne, N.J., in a column written by Kevin MeMarrais, a columnist for the North Jersey Record, who wrote a column about Cablevision’s recent switch to full digital deployment of services.

“They have done a terrible job informing and taking care of what they so kindly refer to as ‘our best customers.’”