CommScope Hits the ‘Pavement’

CommScope Inc. introduced a new fiber optic “Pavement Cable” Wednesday that it said is specifically designed to reduce installation costs and construction time.

The vendor’s new cable uses a gel-filled central tube cable encased in a smooth-wall, welded copper armor, which protects its fiber and blocks water.

CommScope said its Pavement Cable can be used to deploy fiber to commercial, residential and small to-midsized businesses, as well as for enterprise applications such as metropolitan and campus sidewalks, roadways and parking lots.

“We believe our new Pavement Cable’s installation method is a significant improvement over more costly and time-consuming directional boring and trenching techniques used in the past when an aerial installation of a fiber drop was impractical,” CommScope president and chief operating officer Brian Garrett said in a prepared statement.

CommScope also announced the release of “Advanced Coring Technology” for its “P3” and “QR” broadband cables.

The company said its ACT uses patent-pending technologies that enable clean coring of the dielectric from the center conductor during the normal coring process, which means the cables can be installed and connectorized to remove the dielectric from the center conductor in one pass, without resorting to the use of metallic blades, torches, chemicals or petroleum-based solvents.